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Your nature experince starts at naturum Trollskogen visitor centre, where our knowledgeble staff welcome you and help to make your visit to Trollskogen as pleasant as possible. Naturum Trollskogen offers guided walks in Trollskogen, where you can learn more about plants and animals found in the nature reserve.



v. 23 Monday-Wednesday 10am-3pm
v. 24 Tuesday- Friday 10am-3pm
v.25 Tuesday – Thursday 10am-3pm
v. 26 Monday – Friday 10am-3pm

Nature is always open, welcome outside!

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Trollskogsvägen 20
387 75 Byxelkrok

Telephone: +46-10-223 85 70

E-mail: naturum.trollskogen@lansstyrelsen.se


In our exhibition, you will learn about nature on the northeasternmost Öland.

Here you can follow our mascot Morris and learn more about beach meadows, dragonflies, life below the water surface in Grankullaviken, oaks, pines and about the Baltic Sea.

Nature reserve

The Trollskogen nature reserve is situated at the tip of Öland’s northeastern cape. Here, you will find various hiking trails, where you can hike along the coast of the Baltic Sea or along the meadows of the Grankullaviken bay.

Out in the nature reserve, you can enjoy windswept pines or “the enchanted oak” Trolleken, which is Öland’s oldest oak. You may even catch a glimpse of a coal tit perched atop a spruce tree. Visit the wreck of the Swiks on the beach and imagine what a snowstorm would be like.

At Naturum Trollskogen, the staff can help you get the best out of your visit to Trollskogen.

Your adventure starts here!

Walking trails

In the nature reserve there are three different paths to walk.

Knysselnackestigen 1 km (adapted for prams and wheelchairs)

Kolkyrkestigen 1,3 km is an activity path through the forest and along the sea. Here you meet Morris Mård and he advises you on activities along the path. Have  fun with Morris.

Murgrönsestigen 3,3 km (adapted for prams and wheelchairs) Along the Murgrönestigen you will find Kluring Nests that you will be given a mission to complete if you enter the nest, that is the first challenge.

Trollskogsstigen 4,5 km (There is a lot to discover here so it takes about 2 hours to walk around).


Wheelchairs and walking Aids

The visitor center naturum Trollskogen is wheelchair-accessible.
Wheelchairs are permitted in all areas of the visitor’s center.


There is one assisted toileting bathroom in the visitor center.
One bathroom has a changing station for babies.

When naturum Trollskogen is closed, you will find toilets on the other side of the parking lot.

Disability Parking

Nearby the entrance of the visitor center there are two parking spaces reserved for visitors with disabilities. From these parking spaces the way to the entrance is paved.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in the visitor center.

Nature trail

There is one short nature trail, Knysselnackestigen, around the visitor center which is wheelchair-accessible.

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Naturum is situated north east of Öland

Visiting adress:
Trollskogvägen 20
385 75 Byxelkrok

By car:
From Kalmar you follow the signs to Byxelkrok. After Böda, follow the signs to Grankullavik. In Grankullavik you follow the signs to naturum.

By bus:
You can not go by bus all the way to naturum. But on Kalmar länstrafik’s website you can plan your trip. In Byxelkroks harbor you can rent a bicycle.

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